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Description : 

Our Sunshine Bar is a practical bar that adds a holiday touch! This bamboo bar can be used in your garden or terrace with friends or family, your guests will love it! It will be ideal to celebrate a big event because it is able to serve many people at the same time and is very adapted to this kind of parties (birthday, wedding..etc). 
Because of its size and height, this bar is able to store your stools inside when the party is over. It is imposing, which will not go unnoticed by your entourage when they come to serve themselves your favourite mojitos or cocktails. 


Sunshine Bar

Tax Included
  • Features : 

    To put in your garden or terrace

    For all the events you want


    Materials : 

    Bamboo Wood


    Size : 

    Bar : 
    Width (cm) : 120
    Depth (cm) : 55 
    Height (cm) : 230 
    Height of the bar table (cm) : 105


    Stools : 
    Width (cm) : 40
    Depth (cm) : 40
    Height (cm) : 75 
    Seat height of stools (cm) : 75 

  • On the pre-order articles, a minimum of three weeks should be expected

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