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Description : 

Our Gnejna Breakfast Bowl is a handmade bowl that can be used as a mug for coffee at breakfast, for storing sweets and cakes. Its very natural look and beautiful organic shapes are what make it so appealing to our customers. It will bring to your table or to your interior, a style a little less luxurious but which will nevertheless remain very chic and warm to impress your guests. It will still blend in with other more modern styles, bringing a contrast between modest and sumptuous. The finish of this tableware is of high quality which guarantees a perfect daily use. 


Gnejna Breakfast Bowl

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  • Features : 

    Vintage look
    Modern country style
    Daily use


    Materials : 



    Size : 

    Diameter (cm) : 14

    Height (cm) : 9.5


    Capacity : 700 ml

    Washing and use : Dishwasher and microwave

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