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Description :

Our Buskett Rug is a round hemp rug that is hand woven with ornaments in nature. This rug revolves around a proven classic : the hemp plant. 
The materials are very suitable for this type of product, especially the dirt-repellent and antistatic materials, which makes this rug very easy to maintain. You can use it in your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom, in a hallway, in the entrance of your house.
It adds a bohemian touch to your interior but above all a very warm detail with its colours and its very original shape.


Buskett Rug

Tax Included
  • Features :

    Modern for uncomplicated living
    Versatile : many possibilities of use


    Materials :



    Size :

    Diameter (cm) : 110

    Height (cm) : 1

  • On the pre-order articles, a minimum of three weeks should be expected

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